New Adult Bible Study - The Epistles

Sunday's at 9:30 am

This Adult Bible study takes place in the sanctuary.

An epistle was a letter written on a scroll most often dictated by an author to a scribe and then reviewed by the author before being delivered by a trustworthy messenger. Epistles in the Scriptures are only found in the New Testament, which contains 21 such letters extending from Romans to Jude.

Mike Bittel will be leading the study - the particular epistle for study is yet to be determined.

How to Be a Better Christian is Sunday at 9:30 am

Receive Christ's Invitation to Join God's Family

We want to show you how a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can bring you into God's eternal family, and introduce you to life on a whole new level. 1 John 5:13 tells us, 'We can know we have eternal life." Eternity is not a myth, it's a scriptural teaching from God the Father and He wants you to be sure where you are spending your eternity. Sadly, many won't accept this. This study will shed light on how you can be sure you have a home in heaven.


Christ is the Only Way

Is Christ the only way? Don't all religions lead to God? Are Christians really so narrow-minded and intolerant? These questions and more will all be answered. And by the way, Christ is the only way.


Develop a Life of Prayer

Taking God at His word, trusting Him completely, going to Him in prayer is life changing. The only way you can experience this transforming action is to pray for the needs, cares, families, and friends in your life.


Bible Study

Finding truths for teachable moments come easier when you develop the habit of studying the Bible. If Bible reading is a daily or even a weekly practice, the Word of God is already on your mind and those truths are gathered much more quickly.

Christian Fellowship

Fellowship, accountability, friendships, and strong relationships are at the heart of being a Christian. As we study together, you will find Christian fellowship a blessing.